En restaurang i Åre Björnen. Café, lunch, after ski, pizza och middag

Bistro meny vinter 19/20

Skiers lunch is served between 11-15

Gulaschsoup with or without meat. Our homemade bread and sour cream

Pastrami Sandwisch– Fried Lavainbread, mustard, kale, sallad

Crispy skin potatoe- Smoked chili, chives, sour creme, salmon

Always at Carins 11-21

Prime rib burger – cheddar, tomto, kale, chipottle dressing French fries

Juicy burger (veg)-  cheddar, tomato, kale, French fries

Game meatballs– Creamsauce, mashed potatoes, lingonberries, pickled cucumber

Forrest mushroom risotto with herb salad

Raw vegetable salad– Lentels, winter vegetables, broccoli, roasted chickpeas, truffle aioli

Tartar of deer- Parsnip puré, troutroe, Spounceoil, French fries

Moules Frites – Aioli, French fries

Carins swedish traditional

For the kids…Panncakes- Burger with French fries-Meatballs with mashed potatoes.

Menu served from 15:00

Fish on a plank –Alpine Char, hollandaise with trout roe, duchesse, haricots verts, bacon

Topside of deer  on a plank-Striploin, béarnaise, duchesse, haricots verts, bacon

Our new menu that we called TOGETHER– for the simple reson- please share with your family and friends.

Deli plate (2-4pers)  Charcuterie, sausages, cheese, marinated olives

Jämtlandtapas on toast– different embodiments

Hot soapstone– Deer and entrecote of veal(180gr) potatoes, salad, pickled vegetables, sauces.

Sausages plank– Fried Lavainbread, assorted sausages, mustard, salad and kale


Créme brulee with saffron

Vanilla icecream with warm cloudberries

Cockie plate

A chocolate pralin

A scoop of icecream/sorbet